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Jimmy Jam suggests new music on the horizon

Janet’s longtime producer and friend Jimmy Jam has told Reuters that they are still in the creative process that lead to Unbreakable. This interview had escaped from the fans’ attention until recently, and Jimmy shares details about their current mood.

Jimmy states that they are still on the “Unbreakable Mode”, dealing with unfinished ideas that might still come to fruition. That might lead to another record or a 2.0 version of her latest album, as long as the inspiration comes first. “The creative drives everything. […] You can’t put the car before the horse”, he said. Check the video out!

This interview is a part of the thousand behind the scenes footage from Janet’s most recent music video, Dammn Baby, released last week. Rolling Stone and Billboard also shared exclusive clips, featuring interviews with Janet’s creative director, coreographers and fashion stylists, all talking about the concept behind the video.

The song was officially serviced to North American Urban and R&B radio stations last monday and since the video dropped, the song topped the All Access Downloads charts and the Billboard + Twitter 140 Chart.

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    I got to say Janet Jackson get better with age this women is the highest best performances, This women is smart, good looking, and can do it all I don’t care what anyboby say she is the Queen and will always be the Queen, having a baby and still performing I want to see her in the Hall Of Fame, a Grammy, Women of the year, Women of the nation, Janet Jackson have been around for a long, long time this women deserve the best of the best I love her I just cant stop listen to Dammed Baby and the video is good I cant stop looking at it, This women better win a lot of awards or I am going to be mad, I love you Janet Jackson please take care of yourself and your baby I pray that you have a healthy baby and a wonderfull husband.

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