awards & achievements.


A Place Called Home Organization
Angel of the Year Award [2003]

AIDS Project Los Angeles
Commitment to Life Award (1999]

A&M Records
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Quintuple International Platinum Award [1990]

American Cinema Awards
Performer of the Year; Video/Recording Field [1988]


American Music Awards
Favorite Soul/R&B Female Video Artist [1887]
“Nasty” Favorite Soul/R&B Single [1987]
“When I Think Of You” Favorite Pop/Rock Video [1988]
“Miss You Much” Favorite Soul/R&B Single [1990)
“Miss You Much” Favorite Dance Single [1990]
Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist [1991]
Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist [1991]
Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist [1999]
Award of Merit [2001)
Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist [2002]

amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala
Award of Courage [2013]

ASCAP Awards
“All For You” Best Dance Song of the Year [2002]
“Someone To Call My Lover” Most Performed Song [2003]

ASCAP Film & Television Awards
“Again” Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture [1995]

BET Awards
ULTIMATE ICON: Music Dance Visual Award [2015]

BDS Certified Spin Awards
“All For You” BDS Certified Spin Award (300,000 spins) [2002]
“Someone To Call My Lover” BDS Certified Spin Award (200,000 spins) [2002]
“Luv Me, Luv Me” BDS Certified Spin Award (200,000 spins) [2004]
“Call On Me” BDS Certified Spin Award (50,000 spins) [2006]

Behind the Bench Organization
Touching a Life Award [2004]

Billboard Music Awards
Top Pop Singles Artist [1986]
Top Pop Singles Artist – Female [1986]
Top Dance Club Play Artist [1986]
Top Dance Sales Artist [1986]
Top Black Artist [1986]
Top Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year [1990]
Top Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year – Female [1990]
Best Dance Artist – Female [1990]
Top Dance Club Play Artist of the Year [1990]
Top Hot Dance 12″ Singles Sales Artist of the Year [1990]
Top Selling R&B Albums Artist of the Year [1990]
Top Selling R&B Artist of the Year [1990]
Top R&B Artist of the Year [1990]
Top R&B Female Artist of the Year [1990]
Best Female Video Artist, Black/Rap [1990]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Top Selling Album of the Year [1990]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Top Selling R&B Album of the Year [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Tanqueray Sterling Music Video Award for Artistic Achievement [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Director’s Award, Black/Rap [1990]
“Alright” Director’s Award, Dance [1990]
“That`s The Way Love Goes” Top R&B Single – Airplay [1993]
“janet.” Top R&B Album – Female [1993]
“If” Dance Clip of the Year [1994]
Top R&B Singles Artist – Female [1994]
Artist of Achievement Award [1995]
“Scream” Pop/Rock Video Clip of the Year [1995]
Top R&B Female Artist of the Year [1998]
Artistic Achievement Award [2001]

Black Gold Awards
Hottest Female Newcomer [1984]
“When I Think Of You” Outstanding Music Video [1986]

Black Reel Awards
“For Colored Girls” Outstanding Ensemble [2011]


Blockbuster Entertainment Awards
Favorite Female Artist [1995]
“The Velvet Rope” Favorite Female Album of the Year [1998]
Favorite Female Artist [1999]

BMI Film & TV Awards
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Most Performed Song from a Film [2001]

BMI Pop Awards
Songwriter of the Year [1990]
“Alright” Most Played Song [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Most Played Song [1990]
“Escapade” Most Played Song [1990]
“Black Cat” Most Played Song [1991]
“Come Back To Me” Most Played Song [1991]
“State Of The World” 
Most Played Song [1992]
“That’s The Way Love Goes” Most Played Song [1993]
“Again” Most Played Song [1994]
“Any Time, Any Place” Most Played Song [1994]
“If” Most Played Song [1994]
“Because Of Love” Most Played Song [1994]
“You Want This” Most Played Song [1994]
“Scream” Most Played Song [1995]
“Runaway” Most Played Song [1995]
“Together Again” Most Played Song [1999]
“I Get Lonely” Most Played Song [1999]
“All For You” Song Of The Year [2001]
“All For You” Most Played Song [2001]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Most Played Song [2002]
“Someone To Call My Lover” Most Played Song [2002]

BMI London Pop Awards
“Feel it Boy” Most Played Song [2003]
“All Nite (Don’t Stop)” Best Pop Song [2004] 

Bravo Otto Awards
Female Singer – Bronze Award [1990]
Female Singer – Gold Award [1993]
Female Singer – Silver Award [1994]
Female Singer – Gold Award [1995]
Female Singer – Bronze Award [1997]

BPI Sales Awards
“What Have You Done For Me Lately” Silver Award [1986]
“Control” Silver Award [1986]
“Control” Gold Award [1986]
“Let’s Wait Awhile” Silver Award [1987]
“Control – The Remixes” Silver Award [1987]
“Control – The Remixes” Gold Award [1987]
“Control” Platinum Award [1987]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Silver Award [1989]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Gold Award [1989]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Platinum Award [1990]
“The Best Things In Life Are Free” 
Silver Award [1990]
“janet.” Silver Award [1993]
“That’s The Way Love Goes” Silver Award [1993]
“janet.” Gold Award [1993]
“janet.” Platinum Award [1993]
“Scream” Silver Award [1995]
“Design Of a Decade” Silver Award [1995]
“janet. Remixed” Silver Award [1995]
“Scream” GoldAward [1995]
“Design Of a Decade” Gold Award [1995]
“janet. Remixed” Gold Award [1995]
“Design Of a Decade” Platinum Award [1995]
“Design Of a Decade” Multi-Platinum Award [1996]
“The Velvet Rope” Silver Award [1997]
“The Velvet Rope” Gold Award [1997]
“Got ’til It’s Gone” Silver Award [1997]
“Together Again” Silver Award [1997]
“Together Again” Gold Award [1997]
“The Velvet Rope” Platinum Award [1997]
“Together Again” Platinum Award [1997]
“janet.” Multi-Platinum Award [1998]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Silver Award [2000]
“All For You” Silver Award [2001]
“All For You” Silver Award [2001]
“All For You” Gold Award [2001]
“Damita Jo” Silver Award [2004]
“The Best” Silver Award [2009]

Channel V Awards
Best International Female Artist [1998]

Clio Awards
“Scream” Best Music Video [1996]

C.O.R.E (Congress of Racial Equality)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Outstanding Achievement [1995]

Complex Magazine
90 Hottest Women of the ’90s – #1 [2011]

Dance Gallery Award
Special Honors Award [1987]

Dansk Grammy Awards
“The Velvet Rope” Best Foreign Album [1998]
Best Foreign Artist [1998]

Details Magazine
“I Wish I Looked More Like This Person” Poll – #1 [1997]

DMC Awards
Best Female Vocalist [1986]

Edison Awards
“Control” Album of the Year [1987]

Ebony’s American Black Achievement Awards
“Control” Music Award [1988]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Music Award [1991]
American Black Achievement Award [1993]
Best Female Artist [1993]

Ebony’s Pre-Oscar Celebration Honors
Excellence Award [2007]

Emmy Awards
“Janet: The Velvet Rope” Outstanding Technical Direction/Camera/Video for a Special [1999]
“SNL Host & Musical Guest” Best Technical Direction/Camera Work/Video for a Series [2004]


Essence Awards
Humanitarian Award [1995]
Reader’s Choice for Entertainer of the Year Award [2002]

Friends of the Black Academy
“Again” Friends of the Black Academy [1994]

GLAAD Media Awards
“The Velvet Rope” Outstanding Music [1998]
Vanguard Award [2008]

Golden Globe Awards
“Again” Best Original Song – Motion Picture [1994]

“Janet Jackson” Top Searched Item of the Year [2005]

Guinness Book of World Records
“Scream” Most Expensive Short Film [1996]
Most Searched Person in Internet History [2007]
Most Searched News Item in Internet History [2007]
Largest Fine Ever Imposed on Broadcaster [2007]

Grammy Awards
Producer of the Year, Non-Classical [1990]
“Rhythm Nation 1914” Best Music Video, Long Form [1990]
“That’s The Way Love Goes” Best R&B Song [1994]
“Scream” Best Music Video [1996]
“Got ’til It’s Gone” Best Music Video [1997]
“All For You” Best Dance Recording [2001]
Recording Academy’s Governors Award [2002]

Hit Awards
International Female Artist of the Year [1998]

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame Star [1990]

Hollywood Style Awards
Ultimate Trendsetter Icon Award [2006]

Human Rights Campaign
Humanitarian Award [2005]

IFPI Awards
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Gold Award [1991]
“janet.” Gold Award [1993]
“Design Of a Decade” Gold Award [1996]
“The Velvet Rope” Gold Award [1997]
“The Velvet Rope” Platinum Award [1997]
“Together Again” Gold Award [1997]
“The Velvet Rope” Double Platinum Award [1999]
“Design Of a Decade” Platinum Award [1999]
“All For You” Gold Award [2001]

IFPI Platinum Europe Awards
“Design Of A Decade” IFPI Platinum Europe Award [1996]
“The Velvet Rope” IFPI Platinum Europe Award [1997]

Image Awards
Greater Hartford – Musical and Civil Rights Efforts Award [1990]
Chairman’s Award [1992]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Outstanding Music Video [2000]

“Why Did I Get Married?” Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture [2008]

International Dance Music Awards
Outstanding Achievement in Dance Music [1995]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Best Dance Video [2000]
“All For You” Best Dance Video [2002]

Japan Gold Disc Awards
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Top Selling Song of the Year – Foreign Music [2001]
“All For You” Top Selling International Pop Album of the Year [2002]

Japan Radio Popular Disks Awards
“All For You” Record of the Year [2001]
Best Female Vocalist [2001]

Lady of Soul Awards
Lena Horne Award for Outstanding Career Achievement [1997]

L.E.A.P. Awards
Humanitarian Youth Advocacy Award [1991]

LOGO’s NewNowNext Awards
Always Next, Forever Now Award [2008] 

London Arena Award
Commemorative Award for London Arena Sell-Out [1995]

MOBO Awards
Icon Hall of Fame Award [2004]

MTV Icon
MTV Icon Award [2001]

MTV Europe Music Awards
Best Female [1997]

MTV Japan Video Music Awards
Inspiration Award [2004]

MTV Video Music Awards
“Nasty” Best Choreography in a Video [1987]
“The Pleasure Principal” Best Choreography in a Video [1988]
Video Vanguard Award (Lifetime Achievement Michael Jackson Video Vanguard) [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Best Choreography in a Video [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Best Dance Video [1990]
“If” Best Female Video [1994]
“Scream” Best Dance Video [1995]
“Scream” Best Choreography in a Video [1995]
“Scream” Best Art Direction in a Video [1995]

MTV Movie Awards
“Poetic Justice” Best Female Performance [1994]
Most Desirable Female [1994] Online Awards
“The Velvet Rope” Best Album of the Year [1997]
“Love Will Never Do (Without You)” Favorite Female Video of All-Time [2000]

MuchMusic Video Awards
People’s Choice: Favourite Artist or Group [2001]

Music Video Production Association Awards
“Control” Hall of Fame Award [1994]
“Got ’till It’s Gone” Pop Music Video of the Year [1998]
“Got ’till It’s Gone” Best Art Direction [1998]
“All For You” Best Choreography [2002]
“Son Of a Gun” Best Make Up [2002]
“Someone To Call My Lover” Best R&B Video [2002]

Nancy Susan Reynolds Awards (Center for Population Options)
“Let’s Wait Awhile” Music Video Award [1990]

National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Awards
Entertainer of the Year [2002]

National Association of Recording Merchandisers Awards
“Rhythm Nation” Best-Selling R&B Recording, Female [1989/90]
“janet.” Best-Selling Recording of the Year [1993/94]
“janet.” Best-Selling Pop Recording [1993/94]
“janet.” Best-Selling Pop Recording [1993/94]

National Alumnae Association of Spelman Awards
Honouree Award [1997]

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards
Favorite Singer [1994]
Favorite Singer [1995]
“Wannabe” Role Model Award [2002]

One Hundred Black Men Honors
Icon Award [2004]

Performance Magazine Awards
R&B Act of the Year [1993]
R&B Act of the Year [1999]
Creative Stage Set of the Year [1999]

Playboy Magazine Entertainment Awards
“janet.” Music Poll Awards: Rock Album of the Year [1994]
“If” Music Poll Awards: Music Video of the Year [1994] 

Radio Music Awards
Legend Award [2004]

Radioscope Awards
Best Female Vocalist [1986]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Definitive 200 Albums
“Control” Definitive 200 Albums – #87 [2007]
“Janet” Definitive 200 Albums – #151 

Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time
“Rhythm Nation 1814” 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #275 [2003]
“The Velvet Rope” 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #256 
“Rhythm Nation 1814” 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #277 [2012]
“The Velvet Rope” 500 Greatest Albums of All Time – #259 

Rolling Stone’s Reader’s Choice Awards
Favorite Female Artist [1994]
Favorite R&B Artist [1994]
“All For You” Favorite Album Cover [2001]

Starlight Foundation Awards
Humanitarian of the Year [1991]


Soul Train Music Awards
“Control” Album of the Year, Female [1987]
“What Have You Done For Me Lately” Music Video of the Year [1987]
“Control” Music Video of the Year [1988]
“Rhythm Nation 1814” Album of the Year, Female [1990]
“Miss You Much” Single of the Year, Female [1990]
“Rhythm Nation” Music Video of the Year [1990]
“Alright” Music Video of the Year [1991]
Sammy Davis, Jr. Entertainer of the Year Award [1992]
“If” Music Video of the Year [1994]
“That’s The Way Love Goes” Single of the Year, Female [1994]
“What’s it Gonna Be?!” Music Video of the Year [2000]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Best Song from a Movie [2001]
Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievements: Lifetime Achievement Award [2004]

The Source Music Awards
“What’s It Gonna Be?!’ Music Video of the Year [1999]

Teen Choice Awards
“All For You” Best Single [2001]
“All For You” Best Album [2001]

TMF Awards
Best International Female Singer [1998]
Best International Female Singer 
Lifetime Achievement Award [2001]

Tokio Hot 100 Awards
“Doesn’t Really Matte” Best Song of the Year [2000]
“All For You” Biggest Song of the Year [2001]
“All For You” Best Song of the Year [2001]
“Just a Little While” Best Song of the Year [2004]

TVZ (Multishow) Video Awards
“Scream” International Video of the Year [1995]

VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards
“Got ’til It’s Gone” Most Stylish Music Video [1998]
“Doesn’t Really Matter” Most Stylish Music Video [2001]


World Music Awards
Legend Award for Outstanding Contribution to Pop Music [1999]

“Rhythm Nation” Bust Up: Best Dance Video Ever [2001]

New York Times’ Bestsellers
“True You” 
New York Times Bestseller List – #1 [2011]

PopCrush Awards
“Rolling Stone, September 1993” Sexiest Magazine Covers – #1 [2012]

Rolling Stone Magazine
“Janet Jackson, September 1993 cover” Most Popular Cover Ever [2000]
“Rhythm Nation” Ten Best Apocalyptic Dance Music Videos – #1 [2011]

Time Magazine
100 Most Obsessed-Over People on the Web – #6 (#3 in Females and Musicians) [2014]

“Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl incident” Most Watched, recorded, and replayed Moment in Television [2004] 

USA Today
Best Washboard Abs Award [2002]

Variety Magazine
Billion Dollar Entertainer Award [2013]

Virgin Records
Largest recording contract in history, $40 million [1992]
Largest recording contract in history, $90 million [1996]

VH1 Poll: The Ultimate Pop Queen [2014]