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Demo with George Michael is about to surface

Janet Jackson unreleased duet with George Michael

A month has passed since the brilliant George Michael passed away. In the last couple of weeks, reports about unreleased material left by the singer started poping on the internet.

Los Angeles’ KRTH 101.1 FM radialist, Gary Bryan, got his hands on a very rare copy of Trojan Souls, an unfinished duets album by George. According to Gary, the Trojan Souls tapes includes a series of demos, outtakes and untitled instrumentals featuring huge artists like Elton John, Sade, Seal, Stevie Wonder and our beloved Janet Jackson!

Janet and George Michael circa 1993

Gathering information from different sources who also got access to the tapes, Trojan Souls was in the works during the early 90s, but the British musician shutted down the whole project after the death of his then boyfriend, Brazilian fashion stylist, Anselmo Feleppa.

It’s unkown if all the mentioned artists ended up recording their vocals for the album, Janet’s track – simply titled “Janet Jackson’s Song” – is just an instrumental that seems to mix George Michael’s funky sounds with Janet’s Rhythm Nation signature beats. The bootleg is available for sale on pages like ebay and iOffer.

Check out the samples (including Janet’s song) shared by Gary Bryan bellow and click here to watch some rare in studio footage from George Michael.

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