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Janet would be open to performing with Justin, sources say

Janet Jackson would be open to performing with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl

Following NFL’s statement regarding their revoking of Janet’s ban from the Super Bowl – they had previously confirmed she was banned in 2014 – Entertainment Tonight, a trustworthy source for Janet news, has hot stuff for us.

They have reached out to sources close to Jackson, who said that despite Justin not having approached her, she would be open to the collaboration. “The door is wide open. If Justin or his team did reach out, Janet would perform with him again in a minute.” Jackson and Timberlake were at the center of controversy at the halftime show in 2004, when he ripped off a piece of her clothing, exposing her breast on national television.

The announcement that Justin would headline the following Super Bowl has generated fury on social media, since Jackson’s career never fully recovered from the episode, while his actually grew with no further consequences. The hashtag #JusticeForJanet spread across the web in protest of Justin’s privilege to be in this position, most likely because he is a man, and a white man.

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