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Open letter to The Inquisitr

Dear Inquisitr.com staff,

When Janet Jackson announced her long awaited return, many of us have become excited, but not everyone. She announced a new album, a new tour, a new movement. Since then, however, Mr. Daryl Deino has signed more than 10 articles for your website portraying Ms. Jackson in a bad light.

We recognize Mr. Deino may understand a lot about technology, but serious entertainment commentators belong on the media, while fanboys belong on music discussion forums. Fanboys take a couple of articles out of a hundred and fabricate strong accusations, because they feel easily hurt for their idol. Implying Janet Jackson’s team paid for media outlets to belittle Madonna, as if that was the only way to salute Janet’s accomplishments, is outrageous. Should we remind The Inquisitr of the legal implications of libel?


While Mr. Deino disapproves of articles that compare both artists, we find it striking that most of his are concerned with desperately praising Madonna or bringing other female artists down, such as Janet, Britney or Gaga — ironically, three artists who aren’t treated well by a certain fanbase. Typical fanboy behavior. It is ironic for someone who preaches respect and support among women to do the exact opposite on the exact same article. We also recall that Janet fans were absolutely not concerned with the MDNA Tour ticket bundle controversy, but now, even with Billboard conforming with Janet’s sales, Mr. Deino feels compelled to keep publishing articles casting doubt on her.

We urge The Inquisitr and Mr. Deino to shift the focus. There’s so much more to say about the music business than pursuing a witch hunt against antipathies. Despite a less-than-stellar promotion for her latest album, ‘Unbreakable’, and poor dissemination of her legacy throughout the years, Janet still managed to sell a respectable amount of copies because of the LOVE we share. It’s the same beautiful love you share with your idol. Don’t let your hatred tarnish that.

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  1. marcus

    Thank you for this article!!! They have been slaming her before the tour began with negative age gimmicks! The inquistr is trash!!!

  2. William

    Janet nor Madonna have yet to disrespect one another publicly .. Both women are strong, intelligent business leaders! This gentleman is obviously trying to make name for himself and he has done just that with his trash talking! These 2 women have a large fan base and their fans are in no way following his obvious untruths!! Mr. Deion should focus more on topics that he can produce proof on and less on the RUMORS he seems to toss out there at leisure!!

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